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Meet Gene Weingarten, one of my personal heroes

When I saw Gene Weingarten’s name on the list of speakers for the 2011 Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference, I immediately clicked on “register now.”  In March 2009, his Washington Post story, “Fatal Distraction,”  brought national attention to a problem that most people don’t even want to think about, much less discuss: parents who accidentally kill their kids by leaving them in cars. It won him his second Pulitzer for feature writing,

His first Pulitzer, in 2008, was for writing about what happened Continue reading

Wild Honey and Mountain Man

Here we are, me and my guy, married 38 years. He called me his “wild honey!” And he was my mountain man – still is.

Not much has changed – I mean we do look a little bit like our former selves. (Somebody, please say “yes.”)

Tomorrow is our anniversary. And he gets to watch me prepare for Continue reading

Hungry Mom Kitchen Makes Ginger Salmon, Nori Rolls and Coconut Shrimp!

Ginger salmon, nori rolls, and coconut shrimp.

Don’t ask me why on earth, in the heat of summer, I started cooking like a wild-woman, but this meal was fit for the gods.

Obsessed with eating something Asian , I cooked up nori rolls, ginger salmon and coconut shrimp!

The Nori Rolls are simple. Just make about a two cups of white Continue reading

Breaking News on the CafeMom Crisis: THE EDGE OF DARKNESS

The MentorMom1 Team is following the ongoing crisis at CafeMom. Stay with us as we present this special report: THE EDGE OF DARKNESS

While the CafeMom Team is not able to join us in person, we are responding to an earlier statement at this time.

MM1: Can you give us some of the details?

CM: The Journals section will be changing on July 21.

MM1: Yes, but are you aware that many oppose the decision? I’m sure your viewers will be eager to see the Daily Show next week, when Jon Stewart talks about the changes with Angelina Jolie and Continue reading

Are you wilting under the heat? Escaping to the mountains or beach? Tell us your story.

I love reading what moms write. It’s real. And I want to help them tell their stories. Are you in the middle of a heat wave? Tell Family Field Guide how you’re dealing with it, or how you’re beating the heat.

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