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Milwaukee mayor says babies should never sleep with parents. I say he’s thrown the baby out with the bath water.

Once again, the safe-sleep fanatics have gone a wink too far. This time the City of Milwaukee has come out with an ad campaign that intends to scare parents out of sleeping with their babies.

Milwaukee Runs Provocative Ads to Wake Parents Up to Dangers of Co-Sleeping (ABC News)

The two ads appeared in the Milwaukee Sentinel and show babies (one white, one black), asleep next to a kitchen knife. The words Continue reading

My daughter, the veteran

I am so proud of my daughter, the veteran. She served in Iraq with the Joint Combat Camera Imagery Management Team – something I’m sure she never imagined doing as a child, but that over the years came to be. Maybe it was all that trudging through the arroyos in New Mexico, playing in her little “bush houses.”

I think her interest in the military began when I wouldn’t let her attend New Mexico Military Institute, where her brother went to Continue reading

Would you let your three-year-old eat whatever he wanted on his birthday?

The mom on Café Latté asked a particulary erudite question, which many parents – especially the not-very-well-grounded-in-reality – must often ponder: “Should I let my three-year-old eat whatever he wants for his birthday – even if it’s only cake?”

Geez Louise! Are ya nuts?

Don’t you know kids require the RDA of essential nutrients? Try it and you’ll be scraping Junior off the ceiling for the next two days.

It’s like cutting off a mattress label: Do not remove under penalty of law. I mean, you can do it, but it’s not exactly something you’d want to mention at a job interview when they ask you to talk about your weaknesses.

Kids that age need a parent to make healthy choices for them. But then, so do some adults. I’ve heard moms at the grocery store Continue reading

How do kids become passionate about life? Ask a two-year-old cactus!

My two-and-a-half year-old grandson was a cactus for Halloween. Not because of the adults in his world, really. The idea came from him and we all just sort of “helped.”

When I think about it, the way J. became a cactus is how we all ought to become whoever or whatever it is we are meant to be – little by little, and bit by bit.

I don’t know when it all began, but my grandson became quite Continue reading