Hungry Mom Kitchen

To me, making food is the mainstay of family life.

It’s a learning experience for small children always clamoring to be part of everything.

And it’s a a way to show those you love how much you care. Not by doling out huge quantities, or bowls full of empty calories.

But by taking the time to educate yourselves as parents about foods that promote good health, and foods that heal.

Children will enjoy all kinds of fruits and vegetables – if their appetites aren’t spoiled with sugary snacks.

If you sit down and eat together as a family, you can convey a positive attitude toward trying new things. At first, serve small portions, only a few bites.

Who wants children who demand macaroni and cheese night after night?

I realized early on that pregnancy is the best time to change poor dietary habits. The earlier, the better, of course. I was thinking of my babies, but also of the long haul. I wanted my kids to grow up liking healthy foods.

By preparing good tasting, nutritious, and colorful  meals as a young mom, I felt that I was taking a proactive stance to make a difference in my children’s lives.

And now that they’re grown, I’m glad I did: Good nutrition makes a life-long difference for children by helping them enjoy and maintain a healthy weight, a better-functioning immune system, and proper growth and development. A healthy diet also contributes to cognitive functioning.

How can any child function in school on a breakfast of Froot Loops?

Physical health can also make certain career choices possible, such as joining the military or working outdoors.  And good health  allows children and teens to participate in active lifestyles, including sports and dance, which research shows contribute to better grades.

Lastly,  the diet your children have at home creates buying and eating patterns that follow them into adulthood. Children raised on fresh spinach aren’t likely to  enjoy eating canned! Instead, they’re likely to patronize their local farmers’ market.

I hope you enjoy my recipe collection. It reflects my two-year foray into the realm of gluten-free cooking, my love of New Mexican cuisine, and other international favorites.

It’s called The Hungry Mom Kitchen. Bon apppetit!  FFG


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