Parenting Books that Work!

How to Really Love Your Child, by Ross Campbell, MD – This book is like a mini-tool-kit. It teaches three basic communication skills you can use on a daily basis.  Skills that will help you get through to your child, when nothing else seems to work. Of all the parenting advice I’ve read in my life, Campbell nails it best.

This book is a game changer. While most parents love their kids to the moon and back, kids don’t always get the message. The late Doctor Campbell gets right to the heart of what makes children feel loved in his straightforward, sensible style. While Campbell presents himself as a Christian, he doesn’t thump readers over the head with a Bible. In fact, parents of any religion – or no religion – can benefit from the experience of this child psychiatrist and father. Whether the problem is discipline, sullenness, school issues, or friends, this book will make a difference. Read it in two or three sittings. Use the info the very same day.



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