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My mother-in-law loves her Fourth of July door decoration

My mother-in-law is a patriotic gal.

So when I noticed that she didn’t have a decoration on her independent living apartment door, all it took was a trip to Michael’s to remedy the situation.

The nice lady there helped me find just the right flat-backed basket. Only one problem. It already had an arrangement stuffed Continue reading

The Hungry Mom Kitchen – Gluten-free Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes

 Gluten-fee Buckwheat-Blueberry Pancakes!

These light-as-a feather pancakes are sure to please. A bit of banana adds extra sweetness and I guarantee no one will accuse you of serving adobe bricks. At least not in my house. ( If they do I’ll make them clean the bathroom .)

I had recently been reminded that I had a bag of buckwheat flour in the fridge. Actually, the bag fell on my foot.

I heard it calling out,“Whip me! Beat me! Cook me! Call me Helen!”

So I decided to put the buckwheat out of its misery and Continue reading

Finding Humanity in a Food Court

I had bought my Father’s Day gifts and went on to do what any reasonable woman would do with a $10-off coupon at a Macy’s fifty-percent-off sale.  I shopped till I dropped.

Ah, the perfect beige top; something a little dressy but comfortable. It matches the skirt I found. And a pair of crazy white jeans. I haven’t had anything fit so well in a decade. Plus a few more tops that make me look—shall we say—not boring?

Exhausted, I went to the food court for Japanese noodles and Continue reading

I bit the bullet and made a gluten-free pizza: read the review

The Hungry Mom Kitchen 

Going gluten-free is a tough break for somebody from the Pizza Belt. What’s the Pizza Belt? Let me just say that it’s a place like no other,  like the Land of Oz. Only it’s inhabited by a rare breed of connoisseurs who believe that no good pizza exists west of the Delaware. And we, self-righteous pizza aficionados that we are, take extreme Continue reading

She’s Got the “Stay-at-Home Mommy” Blues

I read a post today on a popular “mommy blog” called “latte” or “cafe”  or something or other. The mother bemoaned being stuck in the house with two young kids, no education, no skills and no passion. At 25, she said, she wanted more.

I completely understand where she’s coming from. When I had little ones, I often went two or three days without a shower. If I did manage to grab one before my husband came home, there would be the inevitable banging of feet on the outside of the bathroom Continue reading