Monthly Archives: May 2015

Finally, a Gluten-Free Pie Crust That Really Works!

So you’ve gone gluten-free. Or your grandson or daughter’s boyfriend has. And here it is Memorial Day weekend, and you haven’t made your family’s favorite lemon meringue pie – or blueberry, or apple or strawberry pie – all because you don’t have a gluten-free pie crust recipe you can count on. One that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Or garbanzo beans. One that doesn’t fall apart before you can get it into the pie pan.

Take heart. Here’s the gluten-free pie crust you’ve been looking for. Continue reading

Glenn and Jessie Close: Two sisters, one mental illness, and a book

This past week I finished reading Resilience: Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness (Grand Central Publishing, Jan. 2015). I picked it up because I like Glenn Close, whose successful acting career has turned her into American royalty. But also because the jacket photo shows her with her arms wrapped around Jessie, her younger sister, whose life gradually unraveled into mental illness and for whom Glenn is a fierce advocate.

As a little girl, Jessie Close was separated from her parents when they joined a cult Continue reading

“Good” Kids: Where do they come from and how can I get one for myself?

“The sisters’ dark hair hung in wispy strands about their cheeks, and their faces bore a look of peacefulness that results only when children feel safe in the world.”

Yesterday my daughter and I braved the rainy weather and headed to Panera to work on our individual projects. She on editing digital photos and I on writing a book review. But when two adorable little girls came in, I couldn’t keep my eyes from drifting. There was something about them – something that made them special. Continue reading