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Helping Kids Succeed: How Much Do Parents Really Control?

Ask any group of parents what they want for their children. It doesn’t matter if they’re members of DAR or illegal immigrants, their answers will be pretty much the same: a good education, the opportunity for success, health, happiness.

What parents sometimes forget is that how kids turn out isn’t something that happens all of a sudden, like magic, at fifteen, twenty or thirty-two.

The determinants of a child’s success, however, may be more predictable than we think.  While it was once believed that genetics held the majority of the cards, increasing evidence Continue reading

Growing up Feet: Make Sure the Shoe Fits

I used to read my kids a book called Growing Up Feet, by Beverly Cleary. It’s a sweet story about a couple of preschool twins whose mother takes them to the shoe store because she thinks they’ve outgrown their old shoes. The store owner, Mr. Markel, being an honest man, tells them their feet haven’t grown enough to warrant new ones. Imagine!

So instead, the twins tromp out of the store in new red rubber boots, and on the Continue reading