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Adventuring with Kids: Just Do It!

I inched open the screen door. “Hello?”

Snores ruffled across the room.

I cringed. Should I be doing this? Practically breaking into an old farmhouse?

The next thing I knew, the old woman was up, like a ghost from the old west.

Have you ever gone adventuring with your children? I mean, started off and not known where you’d end up?

I have.

Just be prepared. Take a snack. A diaper bag, if you need to. And when the weather cools, a warm jacket,  hat and gloves. Wear sturdy shoes. No fair turning back because of a little cold.

Look for streams, raspberries on the side of a country road. A surprise apple tree.

Teach your children to listen. Perhaps to a bumble bee. A train whistle. An airplane overhead.

Find a whistle-stop town, a water fall, little shops and flea markets. People you’ve never met.

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The Problem With Time-Out

When I opened the door, Jonathan’s face was red and beaded with sweat. But the psych professor I had consulted said the storage room was perfect for banishing the four-year-old miscreant so he could “think” about his behavior.

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