Cloth Diapering

Questions and Answers about Cloth Diapering

Q. Are cloth diapers really better for babies than disposables?

A. Cloth diapers are made of soft cotton, which lets baby’s bottom breathe and prevents diaper rash. And cloth diapers are free of harmful chemical additives that wick moisture away from the baby’s skin, giving them, and you, a false sense of dryness.

Q. But don’t cloth diapers cost a lot?

A. You’ll spend more to get started, roughly $300 to $500 for several dozen absorbent cloth diapers and diaper covers. In the long run, over the course of your baby’s diapering history, you will save much more.

Q. I tried cloth and the diaper feels wet every time she pees. And then I have to change her.

A. Right. Babies are meant to be changed whenever their diapers are wet or soiled. It’s part of taking good care of your baby. Changing-time is for touching and talking to your baby, smiling and making eye-contact.  Moms who cloth diaper usually change their babies more frequently, so look at all the love your babe will be getting!

Q. I hate touching poopy diapers. Do I have to dunk them in the toilet?

A. No! Find a Diaper Duck, hook it on your toilet seat and flush. Your hands  never touch the water! Diaper liners work too, but once you get used to dunking or using the Diaper Duck, liners are just another expense.

Q. What if my husband prefers disposables?

A. Hit him with the bottom line. Your family will spend $1,500 or more on disposables by the time the baby is potty trained. Put the difference between cloth and disposables into your savings and use it to take a vacation.

Q. But won’t I use a lot of water washing diapers? Water costs money.

A. It costs about as much to wash cloth diapers each week as it costs for an adult to flush the toilet four or five times a day for a week.

Q. So cloth is better for the environment?

A. Oh, yeah. Ninety-two percent of all disposables end up in landfills. That’s four percent of all solid waste, according to the Real Diaper Association.

Q. What’s the best thing about cloth diapering? Send us your thoughts! To me, cloth is real. No synthetics. It smells fresh and feels soft. Like a baby.

Are you a convert to cloth? Tell us your story!

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