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Healthy Attachment: Don’t Send Your Kids To School Without It

Family Field Guide has been on vacation the past few weeks. I’ve been relaxing, making a photo album and kicking back with our left-coast daughter in Santa Monica. (See my vacation pics at  And to top off the summer, our granddaughter learned to walk and (drumroll!)  we received a much anticipated “save the date” announcement from our oldest son and his fiancee. So, we’re back. And I’m glad you’re here.

My little girl disappeared down the dirt trail and into the mass of first-graders on a field trip. Putting one sturdy brown oxford in front of the other and school dress swaying at the hem, she seemed solid and confident, aware and in the moment.

“How lucky she is,” I thought, to be able to confront a world of unknowns so relaxed and unafraid. Though hard to pinpoint, I noticed a difference between her and some Continue reading