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Hungry Mom Kitchen Makes Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I’m pizza lover. I hail from that sacred strip of the universe east of the Delaware dubbed the “Pizza Belt,”  and by far more worthy pizza aficionados than I.

I consider Ed Levine’s book, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven: The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion, to be a work of great culinary literature.

And so when I learned that I am gluten intolerant (I’ll spare you the details), it came as a shock that I would no longer be able to enjoy “real” pizza. And believe me, if you are from east of the Delaware, you know what that did to me.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

No more late-night pizzerias. No more tugging on perfect crust or lapping up long, hot strands of mozerella. Those days are gone.

Too bad those gluten-free substitutes don’t come close. Domino’s and other pizza establishments offer gluten-free options now, and it

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Sick Kids: 10 Positive Things They Learn When You Keep Them Home

Kids hate being sick. And so do I.

For four days this week I lay in bed wondering when the creepy-crawly things under my skin would disappear.  The top of my head felt as if it were being attacked by a rogue jackhammer.

Life ground to a sixteenth of its usual speed. I experienced ordinary things as though all my senses were magnified:  that sip of chicken soup, a cool cloth on the forehead. I even dreamed in pastel watercolors.

My husband took tremendous care of me. Even brought me popsicles and juice with a straw – things we did for our kids when they were Continue reading

Breastfeeding: It’s About Free Choice, Not Statistics

Let me get this straight. It’s OK for more affluent mothers to breastfeed, but according to Ohio State University Sociology Professor Cynthia Colen, “certain groups” of moms (aka low-income/single/teen moms) probably can’t handle the the federal government’s pro-breastfeeding message without feeling guilty, so let’s don’t tell them quite so much. Or better yet, nothing at all about breastfeeding.

Conclusions Colen draws from her recently published study seem to imply that low-income women crowding prenatal clinics should Continue reading