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How to Help Kids with Homework Without Ripping Out Your Hair – Or Theirs!

If homework at your house means a nightly session of blood, sweat and tears, I’m here to offer some concrete ways to reduce the stress and make homework time more productive. So let’s get started!

Most teachers are not going to teach your child “how” to study. But basic procedures and routines are very important to children’s Continue reading

Shana Suggs: Oklahoma Mom Needs Parent Education, Not Incarceration, for Lice Treatment Tragedy

Parents aren’t allowed to make mistakes anymore. They wind up in jail. That’s what happened to Shana Suggs, a 25 year-old Oklahoma woman who attempted to treat her five-year-old daughter’s hair lice with gasoline last January. Continue reading

“Making and Doing” – The Key to Helping Your Preschooler Learn Initiative

We’ve been busy this summer getting ready for a family wedding. Our oldest son was married in July and we are thrilled.  Their Colorado mountain-view ceremony was beautiful. Not only are we delighted with our new daughter-in-law, but we got two teenage step-grandchildren out of the deal!

I have been wanting to write about a problem that plagues parents Continue reading