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Right Now, From Where Your Are, You Can Make Life Beautiful

I always thought my purpose as a mother was to raise my children to be loving human beings who strive to use their God-given abilities for the betterment of mankind. Isn’t that really all that any parent can hope for?

Along the way I’ve had the privilege of mentoring other moms, through La Leche League, Girl Scouts, as an education advocate and homeschool parent, and most recently, as an infant massage instructor.

If I could sum up the most important lesson I’ve learned,  it would be this: Making life beautiful isn’t about what or how much you have. It’s about what you do and say from moment to moment. Because your words and actions today impact who your children Continue reading

It’s a Sad Christmas in Connecticut

It reminds me of Anna Quindlen’s novel, Every Last One. A Christmas party. A boy rejected by his mother. A nurturing neighbor so engrossed with her own family that she did not intervene when she might have – years before, when both the boy and his mother desperately needed her help. The story’s shocking ending only hints at the neighbor’s oversight. No blame. And yet it is she who suffers most in the final analysis.

The book is fiction. We can only speculate as to what happened in the tragic case of Adam Lanza. And so I ask myself, was there someone who could have made a difference for Continue reading