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Get ready for the real story of Jack … if you dare!!!

They called him Stingy Jack. God didn’t want him in Heaven and the Devil promised not to put him in hell. And so he walks the earth yet today, his path lit by a single piece of charcoal, flickering in his lantern. Keep reading to find out why.

(Patterns for the jack o’lanterns shown above are provided compliments of Colonial Williamsburg. Super-moms and dads can Continue reading

My six-year-old told me I never taught her to wash her hands. Ouch!

It seems the age-old ritual of washing up before lunch, at least in some schools, is now passé.  Why no more soap and water? Germ-X, of course.

“The kids don’t need to wash up,” said a teacher-aide at one Colorado elementary school. “They just stick out their hands and I give them a squirt.”

Now that’s what I call zenful.

Maybe “washing” with Germ-X helps conserve natural resources, but surely something more important is lost in the process.

If kids are too rushed to wash up when they’re six and Continue reading

Meet the Pumpkin Bag Lady – She’s Smokin’ Hot for Halloween!

The Pumpkin Bag Lady is just in time for Halloween! She’s full of personality, and will look great on your front door – or just about any place she can flirt with visitors! All the supplies for the Pumpkin Bag Lady (my original design – don’t you love it?) are available at Hobby Lobby. Scroll down for easy-to-follow directions.

You’ll need:
1 Hobby Lobby craft bag with handle (buy 2 for $1) Continue reading

Hungry Mom Kitchen Makes Tortilla Soup!

Chilly weather calls for something hot and homemade – like tortilla soup. It’s the perfect answer when the kids come in from outdoors, asking, “What’s for supper, Mom?”

This meal is so easy and quick, it takes less than 30 minutes, start to finish. And it’s guaranteed to warm up hungry tummies in a hurry.

If your family likes it spicy you can ramp up the heat. Or keep Continue reading

The 19 year-old father killed his infant son over a video game – was the baby’s death inevitable?

To 19 year-old Andrew Keith Johnston, comforting his crying one-month-old son was not nearly as important as playing a video game. According to news reports, Johnston became so impatient with the baby that he and shook and squeezed him, causing death. Johnson is now serving 27 years in a Tennessee prison, and I can’t think of a more terrible waste of two lives.

Sadly, such tragedies may be inevitable – under certain conditions.  In the same way that various factors increase a person’s risk for Continue reading