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12 Ways to Put Relationships at the Heart of Your Holidays

When her grandchildren come for holiday dinners, Phyllis Stanley tells them to leave their cell phones at the door. Thanksgiving and Christmas are about focusing on relationships and giving people value, she said.

And that’s becoming harder and harder to do these days as electronic media replaces one-on-one communication.

Known in Colorado Springs, Colo., as the “Bread Ladies,” Stanley and her longtime friend Shirley Heinmets have shared their bread-making expertise and “from the heart” homemaking philosophy with hundreds of women over the years.  But grinding the grain and

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Getting to the “Core” of the Common Core (Hint – It’s Not About Obama)

I applaud Ethan Young, the Tennessee high school student who spoke out against the federal Common Core State Standards at the Nov. 7 Knox County School Board meeting.

But he needs to get a grip on the history of education reform. And believe me, it goes way back.

Horace Mann (1796-1859), considered the “Father of American Education,” brought the Prussian model of education to his home Continue reading

Let’s Rethink Leaving Kids in the Car

I heard the kids before I actually saw them, a little girl with a tangle of light brown hair, maybe four or five, and her sidekick little brother. They squealed and giggled, running up and down the kitchen gadget aisle at TJ Maxx.

When it comes to cute kids, I can’t help myself.

The dad, I supposed, was watching the urchins while Mom tried on clothes. That’s what I supposed. He kept his cool. No yelling. No reprimands. Just hanging out with the kids.

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When Push Comes to Shove: Going the Distance for Older Kids

Sometimes when teens and early twenties are sitting on the edge of the nest, parents want to push them out. “You’re old enough now, just deal with it.”

Or parents pull away, thinking their older kids have it all together.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

This week’s post is about parents who went above and beyond for their older kids, when stepping up to the plate was the only thing to do.

Parents like Rose, who rescued her son’s instrument in time for the football game; Sandy, who helped her senior-year son get an audition tape made in time for a college deadline; and
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