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My chest tightened. I was out of my comfort zone. How could I bring back my old Yahoo! Mail?

Now I understood what a baby goes through when his mommy leaves him with a stranger: complete and utter dejection. Jethro, a Yahoo! customer service rep  – who probably lives in Bangalore – had said via live chat that once I switched to Yahoo! Mail Beta I could not return to my familiar, blue and white Yahoo! Classic Mail. Not now, not ever.  I felt my chest tighten. I had not expected this.

Earlier, when I tried to log on to my email, an ad for the New Yahoo! Mail popped up. It didn’t just pop up, it took over the whole Continue reading

In the great tortilla of life, always use your fingers

Louise lifted a white round of dough off the counter and plopped it in the cast iron skillet. Bubbles rose like mini-volcanoes, one here, another there. In less than a minute she reached in and flipped the tortilla – with her bare fingers.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” I asked.

Louise blew a strand of brown hair out of her eyes. “Just for a second.”

“Why don’t you use a spatula?”

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Babies’ “flavor memories” – another reason for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to eat their veggies.

(Photo by

My kids are total chilie addicts. They love both red and green; the kind used to smother combination plates in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and that tumble in roadside roasting barrels from late summer through fall, inducing a soporific euphoria among entire populations.

Now I know why. While babies are still in utero, “flavor Continue reading

“The Dog Ate the Placenta” and other tales from the life of my daughter, the Animal Lover

In high school, my daughter (Auntie “M”) volunteered at a wildlife rescue center. Her duties included cutting up frozen mice for the injured raptors. The fact that she could do this made me wonder if she wasn’t born with supernatural powers.

This happens to babies born in the caul, my midwife said. But Continue reading

By Jove, I think I’ve got it! Gluten-free pie crust and a knock off of Panera’s Baked Egg Souffle

You can’t imagine the will-power it took not to let my car veer in the direction of Panera Bread Sunday morning after Mountain Man and I worked out at the gym. I could smell the bagels and hazelnut coffee from the road.

I was starving, and so was MM, who reluctantly agreed to work out with me since he isn’t currently splitting firewood or Continue reading