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Come Into My Kitchen – The Hungry Mom Kitchen

It took me a while, but I finally assembled all my Hungry Mom Kitchen recipes on one page.  To find a recipe, hover over Hungry Mom Kitchen and look for the drop-down menu.

You can also find my recipes (and lots more on family and food) under the “Categories” window on the left. Just click on FOOD.

Here’s my introduction, which I wrote today for the main Hungry Mom Kitchen page, along with a sampling of yummy photos.

To me, making food is the mainstay of family life.

It’s a learning experience for small children who are forever tugging away at Mom’s pant leg for a chance Continue reading

Sedwick Suicide Reflects Cultural Empathy Void

Connecting the dots isn’t that hard.

There’s really only one kind of bully – the kind without empathy. They come in all ages, nationalities and religions. And from all socio-economic groups.

They think it’s cool to be cruel, and gloat with satisfaction when someone less vindictive buckles under Continue reading

Hungry Mom Kitchen Makes Gluten-Free Pumpkin Waffles

Once upon a time there was a waffle man. Every time he popped out of the waffle maker, someone tried to take a bite of him.

End of story. That’s because he was made of pumpkin. And gluten-free!

I could eat pumpkin any time of year, but fall is when I like it best.

It’s great as a side, with butter, salt and pepper. In soup (ooh, roasted pumpkin with red Continue reading

Prior Knowledge – How Past Experiences Help Your Child Learn More

Prior knowledge is like gold in the bank, as far as your child’s learning is concerned. And it’s a smart parent who mines that gold at every opportunity.

What is prior knowledge? Well, it’s what your child already knows, and it’s made up of sights, sounds, smells, Continue reading

Why Doing “With” Kids Is Way Better Than Doing “For” Them

Kids who grow up making and doing with parents have a certain respect for what life demands. But without the resentment. They don’t fall apart at the least little stress put upon them. And they will be able to strive hard. Harder than kids whose parents do everything for Continue reading