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Decision-Making 101: A Parents’ Guide to Helping Kids

Parents were appointed by God and the universe to embarrass their kids, get in their faces about homework, check up on their internet use, and make sure their clothes cover essential parts of the body.

After all, we need to give their brains and bodies a chance to mature before handing over decision-making choices their frontal lobes can’t really handle until, say, age 25.

But isn’t making decisions part of growing up? And how can parents help kids make the right ones?

Sometimes helping kids make choices is about backing off. Sometimes it’s about getting up-close and personal.

Here are five basic concepts to help steer you in the right direction.

1. Don’t care more about your kids’ choices than they do.

I handed my five-year-old grandson two sticker books. “You decide which one you want for yourself, and which one to give your Continue reading

Hungry Mom Kitchen Makes Gluten-Free Blueberry Scandal!

“Blueberry Scandal!”

When I took my first bite, scandalous is the word that came to mind.

What the heck. Make it, and use dessert-time as an opportunity to build your kids’ vocabularies.

I used Organic Valley heavy whipping cream. It’s the richest and best-tasting I’ve ever had. Way better than what comes out of the can.  Just add a tablespoon of turbinado (raw) sugar and one teaspoon vanilla for every 3/4 C. of cream. It will come out perfect. Just make Continue reading