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I <3 U 4EVA won't win a girl's heart. Send a real Valentine!


For centuries, lovers have written down their most heart-felt thoughts, attempting to convey emotions that flow more easily onto paper than off the tongue. 

Even the innocent notes of school children, passed behind the teacher’s back before the advent of text messaging, used to show great courage: “Dear Peter, Cindy said you might like me. If that is true, please put an X in the box. If not, put an O. Beth.”  Continue reading

Recycled Children’s Art: Worth Another Hug!

Children’s artwork is amazing! The next time you’re wondering what to do with all those early masterpieces, why not give them a renaissance?  Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to start.

Here are a few ideas for sharing the love: Continue reading

Breaking Bread: The way to keep a family together

“What’s  for supper?” kids always ask.

Fast food is easy, but getting in the kitchen, cooking and eating together creates soul food. A thing of beauty.

It’s the lopsided birthday cake, the egg on the floor. The “girl cheese” sandwiches and spaghetti noodles on the ceiling. Continue reading

Family Field Guide

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