Recycled Children’s Art: Worth Another Hug!

Kids’ artwork can be recycled to make great gifts.

Children’s artwork is amazing! The next time you’re wondering what to do with all those early masterpieces, why not give them a renaissance?  Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to start.

Here are a few ideas for sharing the love:

Valentines: Have children cut hearts from their colorful drawings and paintings. Mount on cards. (Pre-folded cards and envelopes are available at craft stores, or make your own!) Write special messages on the inside. Or pen an original poem! (Roses are red, Chocolate is brown. You’re the best dad in the whole darn town!)

Book marks: Cut two-inch wide strips of colorful artword for book marks.  Mount on heavier stock if paper is of poor quality. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper. Trim close to edge.

Place mats: Crop several kids’ paintings and drawings and make into equal-sized rectangles. Mount on sturdy stock the size of a place mat. Have them laminated at Kinkos or other printing service.

Framed art: Select drawings and paintings for framing. (I have a great watercolor painting of underwater ghosts in my hallway!) Arrange on a wall and enjoy. These make nice gifts, too.

Post Cards: Your kids will love sending friends and family members their very own original postcards! Use a color copier to photograph your kids’ art work on card stock.  Sizes can be enlarged or reduced, and set up with serveral to a page.

Birthday Invitations: Let your child design their own party invitations! Use greeting card software, or for a DIY version, copy a child’s drawing onto colored paper, along with the particulars – date, time, place, etc., on the inside. These beat store-bought invitations any day!

Kids’ art is priceless! Pass it on.  FFG

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