Meet the Pumpkin Bag Lady – She’s Smokin’ Hot for Halloween!

The Pumpkin Bag Lady is just in time for Halloween! She’s full of personality, and will look great on your front door – or just about any place she can flirt with visitors! All the supplies for the Pumpkin Bag Lady (my original design – don’t you love it?) are available at Hobby Lobby. Scroll down for easy-to-follow directions.

You’ll need:
1 Hobby Lobby craft bag with handle (buy 2 for $1)
2 sheets of Stick-It peel and stick craft felt – yellow and black 1 sheet orange E-Z felt (this is extra-firm felt, sold near the regular felt squares)
Ribbons, about two ft. each of orange, yellow and black (I bought a grab-bag of assorted ribbons and a spool of specialty pumpkin ribbon)

An 8″ to 10″ piece of lace (I made one bag lady with black 3″ lace. The one pictured here has 1″ gold-trimmed white lace that I had on-hand)

Directions: Draw and cut out a paper or cardboard pattern for a pumpkin, about 7 in. wide by 5 1/2″ high. Trace onto the orange E-Z felt and cut out.

Cut shapes for eyes, nose, mouth, hands and legs from the Stick-It craft felt. Be creative.

Position the orange pumpkin 1 1/2″ to 2″ from the top of the bag. Staple to the bag UNDER where you will place the eyes, so the staples don’t show.
Peel and stick all the facial features onto the Pumpkin Bag Lady. Peel and place legs. (Don’t forget the high heels and little hands!) Position the lace skirt under the pumpkin and glue to the bag, not the pumpkin. (The glue may bleed through felt.)

On the handle, tie ribbons in a bow.
**Here’s and added bonus for the Bag Lady: A pet spider! I made one for my mother-in-law.

Pet Spider Directions

You’ll need two black pipe cleaners. Cut into four three-inch lengths. Bend each of the four lengths into two “U-shaped” legs (spiders have eight legs).

Now, cut two tiny ovals from black Stick-It felt, large enough to sandwich the middle sections of the four pipecleaner legs between them.

Attach purchased plastic googly eyes with glue. These can also be made of felt.

As a final touch, I attached the spider to a length of embroidery floss and tied the other end around the Pumpkin Bag Lady’s hand. Now she has a pet spider!

Hang and enjoy!




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