Hungry Mom Kitchen Makes Ginger Salmon, Nori Rolls and Coconut Shrimp!

Ginger salmon, nori rolls, and coconut shrimp.

Don’t ask me why on earth, in the heat of summer, I started cooking like a wild-woman, but this meal was fit for the gods.

Obsessed with eating something Asian , I cooked up nori rolls, ginger salmon and coconut shrimp!

The Nori Rolls are simple. Just make about a two cups of white sticky rice, or sushi rice, and lightly toast your Nori sheets. I diced a few chunks of red pepper, green onion, cucumber, and a bit of ginger root (though I deleted this from my husband’s because he is not fond of ginger).

Spread the cooked rice evenly across the sheet of Nori. About two tablspoons, give or take. Sprinkle on the vegies and press slightly into the rice. Roll up tightly from one end, and press closed. You can lightly dampen to help it stay.)

Slice carefully on a cutting board using a serated knife. Do this gently without pressing down hard. Set on a plate in the fridge until the Salmon is cooked.

Here’s how to do the salmon: Take your fresh, wild-caught salmon and set it in a Pyrex pie pan (or use a heat-resistant plate). Arrange fresh ginger slices on top, cut very thin, and sprinkle with fresh lime juice.

Now, you want to steam the fish. To do this, put water in the bottom of a roasting pan, or whatever large pan you have.

I used an electric roasting pan. Set the Pyrex pan or plate on a rack in the roasting pan or other. If you use an electric roaster, just plug it in and set at about 325 degrees. Cook for about 20 minutes once hot.

If using the oven, set temp. to 325 and let cook until the fish flakes with a fork. Or you can put your fish on a dish (I sound like Dr. Seuss!) and put the Pyrex pan or dish right on top of about half-an-inch of water in a heavy skillet on the stovetop. Let it steam over medium-low heat until the fish flakes.

Don’t overcook! It should taste absolutely fresh and delicious.

The coconut shrimp were sheer experimentation. I got the  fresh easy-to-shell type, medium size. I used coconut oil for frying, which really added to the coconutty flavor. Other oils will work, too, but maybe steer away from olive oil if you want the coconut to shine.

When the shrimp were were peeled, I rolled them in a mixure of rice flour, finely shredded coconut and maybe a dash of paprika. That’s it. I just pan fried – perfectly decadent!

Drain fried shrimp on paper towels. The salmon goes onto a bed of spinach, which steams itself.

On the side I served broccoli spears and tomato and cucumber slices. And it was a very,  good summer feast. FFG

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