Breaking News on the CafeMom Crisis: THE EDGE OF DARKNESS

The MentorMom1 Team is following the ongoing crisis at CafeMom. Stay with us as we present this special report: THE EDGE OF DARKNESS

While the CafeMom Team is not able to join us in person, we are responding to an earlier statement at this time.

MM1: Can you give us some of the details?

CM: The Journals section will be changing on July 21.

MM1: Yes, but are you aware that many oppose the decision? I’m sure your viewers will be eager to see the Daily Show next week, when Jon Stewart talks about the changes with Angelina Jolie and Sarah Bachman. Just an aside – Jon and I go way back. I think he and I both had the same locker in high school!

CM: Your Journals will be saved and still accessible…

MM1: Ah, the famous last words of David Koresh before the burning of the Branch Davidian Compound.

CM: And you will still be able to write new posts.

MM1: However, in view of the fact that so few people will actually see them, shouldn’t those who frequented the Journals move on, say, to training Seeing Eye Dogs, or finding work for Charlie Sheen?

CM: But the Journals tab at the top of every page will be going away.

MM1: Sadly, Americans have gotten used to many things going away.

Well, that about wraps it up.

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Thanks for joining us, and tune in again for continuing coverage on The CafeMom Crisis: THE EDGE OF DARKNESS.

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