Monthly Archives: July 2011

Kids and Hot Cars, a Deadly Combination


Sometimes the news just breaks my heart. Just the other day another child died, locked in a hot car.

It reminds me of a close call we had when our younger son was about four. My husband had hopped in the station wagon to run some errands and didn’t notice that our little guy had hidden in the back – the way back, we called it.  A lively kid with an active mind, he probably thought it would be fun to surprise Dad.

After the twenty-minute drive to town, my husband pulled into a Continue reading

The health food store thought customer service didn’t matter. Merrrnt! Wrong answer.

How businesses with mediocre customer service manage to stay afloat is beyond me. Out of necessity I have been patronizing a small neighborhood heath food store, the kind that Trader Joe’s could mop up with a  pack of $1.99 sprouted grain bagels in about five seconds.

The kids who jerk around at the registers at this little place have Continue reading

When the dad dropped his impatient kid off early I wanted to call him a meat head

I had done all the preliminary play-date scheduling so that my son, then five, could have a friend over. This was the plan: Since his friend lived a few blocks away, my son and I were going to walk to the bottom of the hill, where the boy’s mom or dad would hand him over and the three of us would walk back to our house.

But that didn’t happen. Some moms might say I should have Continue reading