Eight Great Stay-at-Home Dates for After the Kids Are In Bed!

Ever backed out of a date with your own husband? All day you look forward to going out, but twenty minutes before the movie starts you realize you haven’t showered since yesterday and he’s exhausted. It only takes one of you to say, “Hey, could we do this another time?” And suddenly the whole thing down the drain.

Not good, but hey, such is life. Instead of feeling disappointed, have a back-up plan. Kiss the children goodnight, silence your phones, and feel the love on one of these eight, great, stay-at-home dates.

Date #1. Shampoo and Dry. It feels so good getting your hair washed at the beauty salon, but it’s way better when your husband does it. Gather all the supplies you need in a little  bucket or basket,  plus one towel to put in front of you at the kitchen sink, and another for drying. Use a spray attachment or pitcher for wetting and rinsing.  “A little more around the ears, dear! ” Then switch and dry. Believe me, this is nice.

Date #2. Feed Me, Baby. This is one date you’ll want to savor. Take it nice and slow, spoon-feeding one another from a single bowl of ice cream or your favorite pudding. Sit in bed or on the couch. Get comfy. Look into each other’s eyes and make purring sounds, like,  “Mmmmm.” Dessert never tasted so good.

Date #3. French Picnic. Even if you’re not into Edith Piaf, music is very imporant here, so pick out a nice, hot playlist.  Find some crusty baguette, a few varieties of cheeses – the kind adults like -and a bottle of wine. Dim the lights, or, for a really romantic atmosphere, throw some red fabric over the lampshades and place a few candles around the room. Next you’ll need a table cloth. It doesn’t have to be red and white checked; even a beach towel will do. Then arrange the spread on a low table or on the floor, and voila. A French peekneek!

Date #4. Sleep-over. This is a relaxing way to kick back with your honey on the weekend!  Pick out “his and hers” movies in advance. Even if you can’t stay awake for both of them, it’s the thought that counts. Take out your air-mattress or sleeping bags and load up with blankets and pillows. Now plunk yourselves down in front of the TV with popcorn and drinks. The fun part happens when the kids wake up in the morning and wonder why mommy and daddy are camping out.

Date #5. Hide the Kisses. A bag of Hershey’s Kisses is all you need for this date. Take turns hiding one kiss at a time in the living room or bed room. “You’re getting warmer…you’re really hot… you’ve got it!” Now you have to kiss the one who hid the candy. Be creative. Find new places to plant kisses with every turn. This is one sweet date!

Date #6. Game Night. Use your imaginations. Anything goes. Checkers, Boggle, Pictionary – make up your own rules. The winner gets a favor. I’d ask for a foot massage.

Date #7. Dinner for Two. This is a meal that both of you prepare together.  You might want to sip a glass of wine while you cook, and don’t forget to rub his shoulders while he’s stirring the pasta. Dim the lights, play soft music. and set the table with linen and candles. (A card table in the middle of the room to makes it seem like a restaurant.) I’s okay to get a head start on this one, so prepare what you can in advance. Then slip into something more comfortable!

Date #8. Gazing at the Stars. Set up reclining lawnchairs or put sleeping bags out on the lawn. If it’s a little chilly, no matter. Bundle up in blankets. You don’t even need a telescope. You might want to locate a “constellation finder” in advance at a bookstore or library. Depending on the time of year, fill a thermos with iced tea or something hot.  I like a sip of Ameretto.

Have a special date that you share with your honey? I’d love to hear your ideas! FFG

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