A Pretty – And Useful – Valentine Craft You Can Make At Home!

Even though my kids were already grown and out of the house when I created these special Valentine hearts, they were so much fun to make I thought I’d pass along the directions.

The hearts are made with shopping bags – the kind that have handles. If you have red or pink bags, all the better. But you can cover plain brown bags with felt or wrapping paper. Below are the instructions for the red and pink heart, but the purple heart can be made just as easily. They both open, and can be used as decorations or gift holders.

You can probably use hot glue as an adhesive. Regular glue may not be strong enough, but you can certainly give it a try. I sewed mine together with a zig-zag stitch. The fun part is coming up with things you can put on the fronts of these hearts.

On the purple one, I glued a pink ballerina angel and a heart cut out of wrapping paper, and glued on scraps of lace. On the red one, I stuffed a little heart pillow with “lipstick kisses” on it. Be creative. Fill your heart with candies or cards. Give it as a gift!

1. Cut two hearts of the same size from the bag (one from each side), making the heart’s center at the middle of the handles. Keep the handle attached on one side, cut off the other one. The remaining handle should emerge from both “bumps” of your heart. This piece with the handle is the back of the Valentine holder craft project.

2. Make a smaller heart of red felt (You could substitute sturdy, wrapping paper for the felt or use whatever color or material you want). I then zig-zagged the small heart to the front bag piece (the piece w/o the handle), leaving a large opening in the center for putting Valentine cards or a flower, etc. (You could use hot glue.) The color of the bag then becomes a border for the red felt heart.

3. On top of the front piece, I also attached smaller felt hearts and sequins hearts. I glued the word “Love” from an old card.” Finally, I sewed two pink rose buttons to the front, at the point where the opening starts at the top of the bumps. I wrapped a strip of red felt around the handle and zig-zagged it closed.

4. Take a piece of red felt and trace another heart, exactly the size of the back bag piece (the one with the handle). I cut a piece of white lace and stuck it between the felt and the back of the bag, and pinned it together, making a sandwich – felt-lace- bag. Next, I pinned the two pieces together – front and back. You zig-zag all around, securing back and front.

5. Use a tacking stitch to attach a white satin ribbon tied in a bow at front center. It’s a super cute Valentine decoration, and can be used to hold Valentines, candy, flower, etc. If the bag were large enough, a child could take use it to bring their Valentines home from school.

Everyone loves a Valentine. So remember your loved ones on this very special day! FFG


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