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Stop Battling Your Kids At Bedtime and Mealtime – For Good!

If you’re of the belief that kids can just wing it for 18 years, eat on the fly off fast-food menus and tuck themselves in at night, you’re probably not going to like this post. But if you really want help, read on.

Eating and sleeping are natural functions. So why would children insist on resisting both?  Entire books, workshops, webinars, and advice columns have been dedicated to these topics. Now I’m throwing in my two cents.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we never had problems with any of our kids eating or sleeping. We didn’t beg, bribe, or use brute force. We didn’t use “sleep training” or any Continue reading

How I Passed High School Journalism and Lived to Tell About It

Without realizing it, I’d been a writer for years. In elementary school I wrote stories about relatives arriving from Eastern Europe. (Later I learned that I actually did have relatives in Eastern Europe.) I wrote a mystery play that was a take-off on Disney’s “Spin and Marty,” and found willing victims to act in it. When our new high school opened its doors in my sophomore year, releasing me from junior high hell, I couldn’t wait to take journalism. I imagined that a brilliant and enthusiastic mentor would prod me toward greatness, day by day revealing the mysteries of the newspaper world.

Unfortunately, I had to wait a year to take the class, which was only offered to juniors. By then my motor was running.

The class turned out very differently than I had hoped. Every afternoon Mr. Blaine* sat on the edge of his desk and quizzed the popular girls, the ones who dated, about their cute Continue reading